Kathy Lee Gifford and Carnival commercials

Do you remember when Kathy Lee Gifford was the spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Lines? I believe it was some time during the very late 1980’s and into the early 1990’s.

I remember and every time I saw those commercials on TV I would think – “wow, I want to go on a cruise some day.”

Well, little did I know back then how addicted I would be today to cruises.

Here’s one of Kathy Lee and Carnivals commercials that I found on Youtube. I think it’s funny to watch because the ship in the video is really old in comparison to today’s ships.



Do you remember this one of Kathy Lee? I think what she was actually trying to say in this commercial is that she suffers from “cuisine choices catatonia.”  Back then, my book didn’t exist or my Cruise Line Lexicon so poor Kathy didn’t understand or recognize what she was suffering from!


Dr Kruz Nutty


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